Time & Joy: Gifts You Can Bestow

April 25, 2011

When I was growing up, the accidental death of a young girl from my church family opened my eyes to the power of donating life.  Two of the people who received her organs even ended up getting married.  The time and joy her gift continues to bestow on these families are priceless.

While being matched with an organ means a second chance at life, some transplant patients still have many hurdles.  In this economy, we’ve seen patients struggling with the cost of basic necessities like food, safe lodging, and, most importantly, expensive medications that are essential to healing.  But the good news is that, thanks to charitable gifts, Barnes-Jewish Hospital has special funds to make sure these transplant patients get the help they need to stay healthy!

Every gift for patient care and social services means that our hospital can help patients like Sam Parker*, a 37-year-old kidney transplant patient who works to support his three teenage children.  When his health insurance did not fully cover the cost of his medication, we were able to give Sam a two-week supply to cover his need until he could be enrolled in a prescription program.  He didn’t miss his vital medications because people cared enough to give!

In honor of National Donate Life Month, I send deep and humble thanks to organ donors and their families for making the ultimate gift.  And I thank all who give to the Barnes-Jewish Hospital Foundation so that our hospital can continue to provide the extra help needed by some patients to heal after each transplant.

Here’s what Jim Hoerchler, social work manager, had to say about the huge difference gifts for social services make in patient’s lives:

* Name changed for patient’s privacy.

-Noël Schiber, Donor Relations Manager


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